Anil Puri

Are You Above or Below The Line?

Have you heard the saying “Your attitude determines your altitude?”. Well, we talk about a “line of attitude”. Are you and your team above or below the line?

The Formula For Success

This is our “formula for success”. If we want to Have more in life (success, results, etc) then you need to improve the way you think, plus the actions that you take.

Get More From Your To Do List

Most of us have head of the power of a to do list, but here is a way to supercharge the effectiveness of this simple tool and get more done each day.

The Default Diary

This is the 3rd and final video in our time management video series. This is one of the most effective tools to help you to get organised and achieve so much more each week.

The Skills-Value Matrix

This is the 2nd video in our time management video series. It is all about understanding where you can add the most value to your business and which activities you should keep and which you should delegate to others.

The Time Log

This is the first video in our 3-part time management video series. It’s all about understanding where your time actually goes.

The 1 Percent Rule

It is amazing how small 1 percent changes across 3 key parts of your business can have a huge impact to your results and profitability.

Dream, Goals, Plan, Action

There are definite benefits of dreaming BIG and how this then flows down to the goals that you set, the plan that you put in place and the ultimate actions that you take.

The 3 Parts of Every Business

Understanding the 3 parts of every business will make it easier for you to work out what needs to be done to improve your business, and in which order.