Recommended Reading

A big part of what we do is to help educate our clients about business with the aim of them becoming better business managers and leaders.

An important part of this is being able to recommend key books (and audiobooks) that can elevate, or even transform, their thinking.

Simon Sinek: Start With WHY

Many people have asked me to cover the People Analyser tool that I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs. This is a simple (but powerful) tool to check how closely each of your team members aligns with your values, culture and vision. the closer the fit the more effective your team will be and the easier your job will be.

Are You Above or Below The Line?

Have you heard the saying “Your attitude determines your altitude?”. Well, we talk about a “line of attitude”. Are you and your team above or below the line?

The Formula For Success

This is our “formula for success”. If we want to Have more in life (success, results, etc) then you need to improve the way you think, plus the actions that you take.