After my last video about Getting The Right People In The Right Seats many people have asked me to cover the People Analyser tool that I mentioned but I didn’t go through in detail.

The People Analyser

This is a simple (but powerful) tool to assess how well your team members align with your core values and therefore the team behaviours that you want to see. The closer the fit with your values, the more effective your team will work together. This will lead to more innovation, better customer service and it will make your life a whole lot easier as the business manager and owner.

The tool consists of a matrix with your core values across the top and your team members down the page.

Defining Your Core Values

Working out your core values can be tricky. I suggest that you think about 2-3 people in your business that stand out as the people with the best attitude and approach to their work. It’s the people that you would like to clone and have a full team of. Now, list down the attributes and behaviours of these people and this will form a great start to working out your core values.

Assessing Your Team

Simply assess each team member against each of your core values in the following way:

  • Put a + next to their name if they mostly exhibit that value or behaviour
  • Put a next to their name if they rarely show that value or behaviour
  • Put a +/- next to their their name if they do sometimes

Ideally each person will have NO minuses and at least as many pluses as plus/minuses. If someone has a minus then they need to be coached and managed to improve or they need to leave the business.

There you go. A simple but effective tool to get clear if you have the right people in your business.