Now this topic came up at a Quarterly Growth Day that ran. This is a day once a quarter where we get all of our clients together to share, plan and set goals for the new quarter. Time management is a big topic for everyone and it was definitely a topic of discussion at our event. 

Lot of people use to do lists, but they don’t really have a way to maximize the use of them or a way to help prioritize the tasks on that list. So I just want to take you through a very quick way to think about your to do list and how to prioritise the tasks.

Firstly have a master list and then use the A, B, C, D, E method of prioritising the tasks on this list. Let’s start at the bottom…

E stands for Eliminate. There may be things that are on your list that you don’t need to do anymore because businesses change, your priorities have changed. So firstly, go through the list and eliminate those things that you know you no longer need to do.

D stands for Delegate. Go through the list and think about what are the things that you can delegate and help train your team on. 

The next 3 letter are where your prioritise.

C is your “Some day, maybe” items. They are not really that important but you want to keep track of them.

B are important items but not for this week.

A are your important items of this week. From this list, everyday you will create your to do list of today.